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It's been a while. This was recorded literally months ago but we finally got it edited so now you can hear it. Here's to an episode that is all over the map and with very little reference to U' Talkin' U2 2 Me?.

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Mark McConville of Superego and Pistol Shrimps Radio is on the podcast this week as we talk a bit about the commentary episode and mostly other stuff. There was a brief moment where it seemed like a good idea to have the commentary episode playing during entire show, but that turned out to be awful and unlistenable. Instead, that doesn’t happen and the episode is moderately listenable.

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Todd and Tony talk about musicals, songs that they heard as kids that got them into music and other stuff. This is a short episode, but a good episode. Short and… sweep? I feel like there’s an idiom for this, but I cannot think of it to save my life. Short and sweek? I don’t know. I give up. Enjoy listening to it. 

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Do you like staind? Us neither. Do you like star wars? Us too. Do you like the phantom menace? We're doubtful. We talk about it and sing some "emo" songs up here on this'n. Sound terrible? We don't think so. 

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There is a lot of singing this week towards the end and we learn so much during this episode. We also make a call, and do things like talk to each other and discuss things.

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This week we were joined by Jesse Mack Johnson, the keyboardist from Tony’s old band, “Motion City Soundtrack”. He really dumbed it up with us and we had a good time. There are some good ol’ road stories in here and we call a guy that Tony met once in Richmond, VA.

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Did you love the "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" episode of U' Talkin' U2 2 Me? If so, you're going to love this episode of "U Two Talkin' U2 w Me Too? Yes.   We barely cover the episode and mostly talk about our shame, give some advice to kids in grades 1-12, and Tony sings some songs that Todd tricks him into. When the USA makes it legal to marry podcasts, you'll have to act fast because this one is a real looker.

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Tony and Todd take some time to get deep and talk about their fears. Tony's gal, Christina comes on to tell us why she ain't afraid of no ghost, but is in fact afraid of a ghost.  Splish Splash bath taking is also discussed for a second time because why not?

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Ben Blacker joins the gang this week and does a little leading, a little bit of listening and helps us all change and become better people. You know him from The Thrilling Adventure Hour  and The Nerdist Writer's Panel.

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Tony gets a new nickname this week. Ol’ "Bing" Thaxton gets silly and lays down some mean vox on some TV theme show songs. There is an episode of "U Two Talkin' 2s Clues to Me Too? Sure." in the middle of this weeks episode as well as some other sweet nuggets of fun. Also, Todd takes a bathroom break. 

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Growing up is hard to do they say. Todd and Tony share some of their experiences as kids. They also and play a rather hearty version of Kenya Matchit. A lot was learned on this magical installment of this podcast talking about another podcast talking about U2. If you like episodes of podcasts, then this episode is for you.

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On this episode, Tony and Todd make some calls to see about adding a new segment to the show. They enjoy listening to the song "One" by U2 and discuss it briefly. This week's episode of "Kenya Matchit" covers 1 country song, 1 80's song and one song from a movie.

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